HD Recording & Webcasting Appliance For Opencast

Dedicated HD multi-media room recorder with
bundled Opencast server software

Advanced Opencast Integration

The CaptureCast appliances bridge complex Audio/Video recording requirements into simple, streamlined recording and webcasting work-flows that connects into Opencast seamlessly. The process is highly automated and converts many pre and post-production routines into a simple work-flow task. The end-result produces a unique HD multi-perspective video player experience for lecture capture, training, and webcasting natively in Opencast.

  • HD Multi-Media Capture & Webcasting

  • CaptureCast Flavor Of Opencast Server

  • Robust Hardware & Server Integration

Integration Highlights
Capture & Webcast Every Camera & Screen

CaptureCast's multi-input/output recording technology allows you to record and webcast to 2-6 inputs concurrently - Playback each HD video as a unique on-demand viewing perspective natively in Opencast.

Real-Time Slide Extraction For Video Chapters & Search

Run a real-time media analysis and extraction routine on presentations to automatically construct video chapters with a search natively in Opencast.

Opencast Server Download

Download a custom fork of Opencast that supports ingesting CaptureCast multi-media video packages, metadata integration, and a simple user experience for delivering on-premise video solutions.

Open Hardware - Open Standards

Don't be tricked into proprietary hardware solutions. If your capture hardware can't run and capture in Windows or Linux natively, then chances are you're stuck with proprietary technology indefinitely. CaptureCast is designed on open hardware, allowing customers to manage hardware components very quickly and efficiently, and adjusting to AV configurations and room changes on the fly. Our software stack follows the same principles by following open standards and formats. Our comprehensive Rest API streamlines and drives 3rd party integration to meet complex end-to-end requirements. Being open is what CatureCast is all about.

Opencast Room Recorder

Deploy a turnkey dedicated room recording and webcasting appliance for your mission-critical Opencast classrooms, learning spaces, simulation rooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

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