At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


Cattura + Kaltura

multi-input recording & streaming appliance for Kaltura

Classroom Recording For Kaltura Made Easy

Capture up to six sources simultaneously creating rich, multi-perspective video on an open platform with back-to-back recording, rich streaming, and centralized control - all in 1080P High Definition

Record & play up to six HD video sources with native Kaltura player

Live stream to Kaltura while concurrently recording on-demand files

Continuous recording while concurrently uploading in the background

Inject video metadata, categories, and tags with each upload

Advanced scheduling for automated recording & upload work-flows

Centralized management & monitoring service across your network

New Webinar: CaptureCastâ„¢ Pro Integration with Kaltura

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Multi-Perspective Kaltura Player

This video was recorded by our friends at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine. NYITCOM produces many medical simulations and lecture captures using our multiple camera and device recording technology to deliver a unique rich media playback for students to view the entire teaching. Students can view any video source by switching video streams in real-time to the teaching perspective.

Native integration with Kaltura CaptureSpace and MediaSpace players
Record each source at 1080p/60FPS for high quality master recordings
Record every video input to create a rich media video player experience
Each source recording is fully synchronized for seamless video playback
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