Kaltura + Cattura
Dedicated Recorders

Cattura offers a complete solution for dedicated lecture capture & audio-visual management that seamlessly integrates with Kaltura.


Benefits Of Kaltura Integration

an automated & dedicated recording solution for Kaltura. Check out our full range of Kaltura integrations.

  Multi-Perspective Capture

Record every camera and screen used by the instructor discretely to create rich, multi-perspective video playback in the Kaltura player.

  Robust Dedicated Recording

Deliver a dedicated HD recording solution designed for mission critical lecture & simulation rooms.

  Guaranteed HD 1080P

Encode each recorded source at rates up to 1080p/60 FPS with a friendly MP4 H.264/AAC output to deliver the high frame-rate, error-free recordings into Kaltura.

  Kaltura Scheduling

Tools to create simple ad hoc or fully automated scheduling templates that synchronize with Kaltura's scheduling system.

  Smart Recording Workflows

Create unique, end to end multi-source recording workflows to handle AV configuration, encoding, metadata/media enrichment, LMS/CMS meta data mapping & publishing.

  Partners In Open Capture

With our commitment to an Open Capture Standard, Cattura & Kaltura ensure integration into any open media platform.

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Cattura & Kaltura Case Study

In the College of Medicine’s previous academic year, a total of 36,000 content views were counted. The school exceeded that number within two months of launching the CaptureCast and Kaltura solution.

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Our Kaltura Recording Solutions

Cattura offers several dedicated recorders that seamlessly integrate with your Kaltura solution

Single Room Recorder

Single Room Recorder

  • Record presentation & camera inputs in 1080p
  • Fully automated & flexible recorder scheduling
  • Built-in SDI or HDMI with embedded audio
  • Auto-generate table of contents and search function
  • Bridge complex Audio-Visual enviroments into Kaltura

Multi-Room Recorder

Multi Room Recorder

  • Record everything, up six HD inputs in HD
  • Schedule & record three rooms simultaneously
  • Mix & match SDI, HDMI, DVI & componenet inputs
  • Output into H.264/AAC 1080fps/60fps MP4 files
  • Perfect for medical simulation & advanced rooms

Build Your Own Recorder

Do-It-Yourself Recorer

  • Build and maintain your own dedicated recorder
  • Same great features & API as our turnkey recorders
  • Convert existing recorders into CaptureCast recorders
  • Compatible with every Magewell PCIe capture card
  • Campus/Volume Pricing Available

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