HD Recording & Webcasting Appliance For Kaltura

Dedicated room recording & webcasting hardware
with advanced media, metadata, and scheduling integration

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Dedicated Recording & Webcasting Appliance

The CaptureCast hardware recorders deliver mission-critical room recording and webcasting solutions for educational and enterprise customers all over the world. We have provided solutions for lecture capture, healthcare simulation training, legal and courtrooms capture, meeting and conference recording, and more. CaptureCast enriches your Kaltura capture strategy, simplifies your AV integration, automates production tasks, and streamlines the entire end-to-end workflow from camera to playback.

  • HD Multi-Media Capture

  • HD Multi-Media Webcasting

  • Kaltura Scheduling Integration

  • Jointly Supported Integration

Integration Highlights
Capture & Webcast Every Camera & Screen

CaptureCast's multi-input/output recording technology allows you to record and webcast to 2-6 inputs concurrently - Playback each HD video as a unique on-demand viewing perspective natively in Kaltura.

Multi-Media HD Webcasting While Recording

Easily produce a rich multi-media webcast while concurrently recording each input independently - pair with Kaltura's new webcasting scheduling to automate the entire process.

Presentation Extraction - No Plugins

Run real-time presentation extraction from any resentation software to automatically produce chapter points with timings, and slide text search natively in Kaltura.

Advanced Kaltura Scheduling Integration

Advanced Kaltura scheduling service integration allowing each recorder to poll for on-demand recordings and webcasting events in the background.

Application Token Authentication

Create a secure session from each hardware appliance to your Kaltura instance.

Open Hardware - Open Standards

Don't be tricked into proprietary hardware solutions. If your capture hardware can't run and capture on Windows or Linux natively, then chances are you're stuck with proprietary technology. CaptureCast is designed on open hardware, allowing customers to upgrade or change critical hardware components out very quickly and easily. The CaptureCast software stack follows the same principles by following open standards and media formats. Our REST API has been integrated with dozens of 3rd party hardware and software services by customers to meet their unique needs. Being open is key to our success.

Kaltura Room Recorder

Dedicated room recording and webcasting appliance for your mission-critical Kaltura classrooms, learning spaces, simulation rooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

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Latest Recording & Webcasting Integrations

New Smart light recording indicator integration with Busylight

June 22, 2019

Visually monitor the status of an appliance recording using smart light notification integration with Busylight.


New one-touch start, pause, and stop with Stream Deck LCD control pad

June 01, 2019

Sleek and straightforward LCD touch panel to quickly start/pause/stop and monitor a live recording and webcast.