Easy Installation & Maintenance

Run on a dedicated server, use a containerized version with Docker or Kubernetes, or use Debian/Red Hat based Linux.

Dedicated Support

Same day technical assistance, with training programs available for the first year.

An Integral Part of the CaptureCast Suite

A primary component for the CaptureCast experience in large deployments.

Monitor & Manage Your Fleet

When dealing with a large deployment of Capturecast Recorders, it can be difficult to keep track of what's happening on all of them. With Command Center, you can configure, monitor, and control every single unit on your network in one centralized place - no matter which CaptureCast Recorder you choose to buy.

Completely On-Premise & Self-Hostable

Slim Model

With Command Center, you are fully in control of how and where you host it. Run it on a Debian or Red Hat based VM, use a dedicated server, or deploy it in containerized form within your Docker instance or Kubernetes cluster. Once deployed, access it from any device with a web browser on the same network.

Realtime Audio & Video Feedback

Slim Model

Check in on every every video and audio input on every single recorder in your fleet. See at a glance which recorders are offline, which need updates, and which need to have their inputs checked.

High-Level Schedule Monitoring

Slim Model

View the schedule for every single recorder in your fleet in an easy to understand timeline view. See which recordings are ongoing, which have successfully finished, and quickly deal with any failures.

Part of the CaptureCast Software Suite

No matter how big your deployment might get, we consider Command Center an integral part of any deployment large enough to require it. We believe that the ability to manage large fleets is core to the success of our customers, and we are dedicated to ensuring that they have that option if they need it, working with them to reach a solution.