At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.

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Teaching With Video

The Cattura Learning Engine is a video teaching solution to easily create and share educational video lessons and lectures with students.

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  • Create, categorize, index, & share videos easily
  • Enable video captions & spoken word video search
  • Create chapter points for quick video navigation
  • Create time-line video notes for rapid search
  • Software & hardware video recording solutions

Smart & Rich Video Learning Experience

Create Enriched Video Lessons & Lectures For Students

Search Inside Video

Create highly indexed videos for students to search against the video time-line for notes, keywords, & chapters to quickly find relevant information within a video.

Spoken Word Search

Enable powerful spoken word search across your entire video library or single video allowing students to search for any word or phrase within a video.

Video Chapters & Notes

Create video time-line based video notes, keywords, references and chapter points to allow students to quickly navigation and search.

Organize & Tag Videos

Organize your library with keywords and folders for viewers to quickly seek and discover related topics.

Adapts To All Screens

Intuitive interface scales across all computers, tablets, and smart phones for a universal video experience.

Friendly With Your LMS

Directly embed the video library into your existing learning management system courses using LTI.

Simplified Video Hosting & Delivery

A Google Powered Video Solution To Keep Cost Low & Productivity High

Share Google Drive Videos

Share open and private Google Drive "domain-locked" videos with students while retaining privacy of the intellectual educational content.

Share Open YouTube Content

Share some of the worlds best educational videos from YouTube with students while adding your own enrichment to match your teaching.

Fully Integrated With Google

Completely integrated solution using your schools Google Apps For Education domain keeping your cost for video delivery low and maintenance easy.

Tools To Record & Import Video

Produce New Video Content To Expand Your Video Library

Screen & WebCam Recording App

A Google Chrome browser based screen and web camera recording app with tools to seamlessly upload to Google Drive, YouTube & Vimeo.

Dedicated Classroom HD Recorder

Classroom HD recording appliance for automating and streamlining Audio & Video recording, live streaming and uploading new videos.

Bulk Video Importing

Built in tools to quickly import one or many videos from Google Drive, YouTube, and Vimeo to rapidly extend you library with existing content.

Zero Student Distractions. Private Videos. Minutes To Set Up.

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Seamless Learning Platform Integration

quick and simple integration into dozens of learning management systems

Blackboard Integration Canvas Integration haiju Integration Moodle Integration Sakai Integration Schoology Integration

Compatible With Any LTI Certified Learning Platform

No Cost

Great Value With No Restrictions Or Limits


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