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manage & replay media

Simple, self-hosted solution to manage, schedule & monitor every recorder across your network. Quickly search, view, edit, enrich and deploy any recording with a convenient web interface across all devices and browsers.

  • Deploy simple and localized lecture capture solutions
  • Medical simulation recording & debriefing solution
  • Streamline & automate multi-room, live event recording workflows
CaptureCast Command Center

Core Features

rich video management & playback platform for your CaptureCast recordings

Universal Media Management

Manage and index content pulled from all recording devices for convenient playback and editing.

Rich Media Player

View video content with rich indexing and crystal-clear playback quality.

Manage Every Recorder

Manage, schedule & monitor every recording device across your network.

Manage Scheduled Recordings

Schedule automated and ad hoc recordings for all of your devices from a single interface.

Clip Recordings

Quickly trim portions of any recording with a non-destructive clipper.

Enhance Recordings

Conveniently enhance all of your recordings with rich metadata.

CaptureCast Command Center

Rich Media Player

Universal video player with multi-source playback and enriched search within the player

  • Watch & switch between any recorded input during playback in full HD 1080p
  • Chapterize & index videos with playback timepoints for quick search & discovery
  • Annotate with open text at any timepoint to enrich video search and video playback
  • Multi-device and platform video player that works on all browsers

Take Control Of Every Recorder

  • Centralized scheduling interface with tools to bump, adjust, or delete in real time
  • Connect and manage unlimited CaptureCast recorders across your entire network
  • Monitor the capture, system, & network status with tools to preview live recordings
CaptureCast Pro

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