CaptureCast DIY
Build Your Own Recorder

  • Same great features as turnkey CaptureCast hardware
  • Compatible with Cattura centralized management server
  • Simple API to easily extend features and customize integrations

Do-It-Yourself Recorder

How It Works

a simple solution to build your own dedicated recording hardware

Build or Repurpose

Design your recorder with the minimum setup of an Intel Core i3, 8GBs of Memory, Intel based network card & a 1TB hard drive to store hundreds of recordings.

View Recommended Hardware

Choose Capture Cards

Install HDMI/SDI/DVI HD capture card(s) that are highly optimized to work with an entire range of Magewell PCIe capture cards.

Download Magewell Drivers

Install Linux & CaptureCast

CaptureCast is required and optimized to run on Ubuntu LTS. Run the simple CaptureCast installer and gain access to the web based login.

Download Ubuntu LTS

Superior Magewell Integration

collaborating to deliver an open, robust & highly scalable HD multi-input recording platform

Plug & Record

No configuration. Just connect a device or camera, and CaptureCast will auto-detect for immediate recording

Multi-Source HD

CaptureCast outputs into MP4 H.264/AAC at rates up to 1080p/60 frames per second from each input, discretely & concurrently


If an input resolution changes during a session, CaptureCast will auto-scale to adjust the capture in real time

Real-time Events

CaptureCast logs notifications for all dropped input signals, during a live capture, to aid in confidence monitoring


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