At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


Cattura Learning Engine Empowers Video in your Classroom

Cattura Video and the Learning Engine empowers video inside your LMS

Video in the classroom is becoming more and more common. Flipped and Blended classroom models are showcasing teachers creating their own content, and the effects these models are having on education are impressive. STEM fields have seen major improvements, teachers are talking about how much more time they have with students one-on-one, and many other reasons. Education technology has enabled teachers to become content creators without spending tons of time they don’t have.

Whether you are looking to flip your classroom, use some ideas from blended learning, or just looking for an easy way to empower video in your classroom, the Cattura Learning Engine is here to help. We designed the Learning Engine to be versatile and powerful while being quick and easy to use for teachers. It installs directly into your current Learning Management System such as Canvas, Schoology, or any other LTI-enabled LMS, allowing for instant access to your content.

Used in coordination with CaptureCast Chrome, the Learning Engine becomes a one stop shop for your video library. Once it’s set up, the Learning Engine allows you to upload video from YouTube, Vimeo and Google Drive and send them to your students.

The Learning Engine is designed to be versatile and powerful while still being quick and easy to use for teachers.

Beyond simply distributing content, the Learning Engine lets you edit video, add chapters, and create notes attached to certain points. Imagine allowing your students to navigate directly to the point in your video talking about the area they need to study – it would save time and effort, and allow them to focus more on the content, and less on the effort of finding it!

Setting up the Learning Engine with your LMS is easy, and the tools that it has are powerful and fun. Learn more about the Learning Engine here, or go to to sign up today!

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