All In One Appliance

Record. Webcast. Monitor. Manage. Index. Clip. Distribute. Made Simple.

Streamlined Integrations

Advanced integrations with Kaltura, Panopto, and Opencast.

New Trade-In Program

Trade-in existing hardware to receive discounts and a complementary year of support.

Open Hardware Solution

Open, non-proprietary hardware stack optimized on a Linux-based OS.

Recording & Webcasting Appliances

CaptureCast Go

Go Model
  • Choose 2 SDI or HDMI Capture Inputs
  • 3.5mm - USB - Embedded Audio Capture
  • Basic Lecture Capture, Portable Recording, Meeting Rooms
education pricing available

CaptureCast Slim

Slim Model
  • Choose 2 or 3 SDI & HDMI Capture Inputs
  • 1/4" Line In - USB - Embedded Audio
  • Advanced Lecture Capture, Auditoriums, Conference Rooms
education pricing available

CaptureCast Pro

  • Mix 4 SDI, HDMI, & DVI Capture Inputs
  • 1/4" Line In - USB - Embedded Audio
  • Medical & Legal Simulation, Multi-Camera Webcasting
education pricing available

CaptureCast XL

  • Mix 6 SDI, HDMI & DVI Capture Inputs
  • 1/4" Line In - USB - Embedded Audio
  • Multi Room Capture, Advanced Simulation & Training
education pricing available

Hardware Trade-In Program

  • Receive discounts, free support, and a dedicated
    support engineer when migrating to Cattura Video
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Top Features

Multi-Media Recording

Record from multiple cameras and screens concurrently in 1080p/60FPS HD.

HD Live Webcasting

Webcast rich multi-media HD video using multiple cameras and content screens.

Real-Time Encoding

Record and webcast concurrently using unique H.264/AAC profiles per video source.

Smart Work-flows

Automate complex work-flows to record, webcast, index, and distribute recordings on a routine schedule.

Turnkey Integration

Produce highly automated end-to-end workflows with Kaltura, OpenCast, Panopto, Vimeo Pro, and more.

Command Center

Manage and monitor every recorder in real-time using a centralized web-based server to network every appliance.

Presentation Extract

Capture presentation slide images, timings, and text to automatically construct video search & chapter points for enriched video playback.

Open Scheduling

Built-in scheduler, iCal importing, URL calendar sync, and advanced 3rd party integrations to automate every recording and webcast events.


Easily interface and integrate with 3rd party A/V equipment, room control systems, scheduling platforms, and more using our simple REST API.

Seamless Integration With The Industries Top Video Platform

CaptureCast offers built-in integrations with the industries top online video providers to bridge and streamline your video recording and webcasting solution. The combination is seamless and automates the daily video production, management, and monitoring of live content for classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, and training all over the world.

Latest News

Catch up on the latest news, technology, software updates, and events.


New Smart light recording indicator integration with Busylight

June 22, 2019

Visually monitor the status of an appliance recording using smart light notification integration with Busylight.


New one-touch start, pause, and stop with Stream Deck LCD control pad

June 01, 2019

Sleek and straightforward LCD touch panel to quickly start/pause/stop and monitor a live recording and webcast.


CaptureCast using YouTube’s live multi-camera production tools

January 09, 2019

Produce up to four independent 1080p streams into YouTube Live to produce a live multi-camera live video player experience.

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