At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


Empowering YouTube In Schoology

Simple Platform To Record, Manage, Enrich & Deliver Engaging Educational Video To Students


Simple Tools To Record & Upload Video Into Schoology

Google Chrome Screen Recording

Teachers and students can launch a simple screen and webcam recoding app directly from their browser to quickly record flipped lessons and lectures for their video library. The software recorder is fully integrated with Google to drive automatic installation and software updates, along with tools to seamlessly upload to YouTube & Vimeo.

Dedicated Classroom HD Recorder

Deploy or build your own room recording HD appliance to help in automating and streamlining your entire lecture capture efforts. Record and live broadcast every teaching device in the classroom to provide a multi-perspective video-on-demand playback experience controlled by students. Learn more about CaptureCast Pro & DIY solution.

Video In Your Schoology Course

Custom Video Library

No more sending students to YouTube or embedding countless videos, build and manage a rich video library inside a Schoology course.

Seamless LTI Integration

Simple LTI installation so that students and teachers can have a seamless, integrated experience within the context of their course.

No Student Distractions

Create a clean, student focused YouTube experience that you fully control, with no ads or other distractions to keep students on track.

Free Tools To Enhance Video

Direct links from the video management interface into your YouTube tools for video editing, captions, annotations, paralytics and more.

Create Time Based Notes

Add notes, links, and chapter point the your videos time-line for quick search and discover video searching .

Share Open Video

Browse and embed from thousands of free educational videos on YouTube directly into your library.

Closed Caption Integration

Sync and manage free captions from YouTube or generate 100% accurate transcriptions using one of our partners. .

Group Videos Into Folders

Organize your videos into collections allowing simple browsing for videos around teaching concepts and topics.

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A Smarter YouTube For Students

Search Inside Video

Students can quickly search inside the video for teacher notes, spoken word, links, files, and chapters to quickly find relevant video.

Spoken Word Search

Students can quickly search against spoken words inside from the video using generated captions or professional transcripts.

Video Notepad Search

Teachers can create time-line based video notes for students to read or search inside the video.

Multi-Perspective Video

Students can switch live video in real-time from all the teaching devices that were recorded.

Adapts To All Screens

The intuitive interface scales across all computers, tablets, and smart phones to ensure students receive a universal learning experience.

No Student Distractions

Students are given a clean YouTube learning experience that is free of un-related/non educational videos, advertisements, and other distractions.

Simple & Affordable Solution For Schools

Host Videos On YouTube Or Vimeo

Host your videos on YouTube as private or unlisted to get the free benefits of superior encoding, video tools, storage, delivery and playback without the burden and cost of enterprise solutions.

Enhanced & Secure Vimeo Pro Hosting

If YouTube doesn't fit your video security policy then use our Vimeo Pro Plug-in to add school domain locking and password protection to your critical videos that need securing from public viewing.

Customer Training

Customer training programs with monthly on-boarding calls to train new users.

Excellent Support

Additional support contracts with same day (SLA) technical support and online ticketing.

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