At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


Introducing Simplified Versions

Keep your CaptureCast hardware up to date with simplified versions

Updates are everywhere in your life. From the apps on your phone to the OS on your computer, there is always some bug fix, feature improvement, or version change that needs to happen. CaptureCast units are no different, and our team is diligently working every day to improve how the systems work, squash all the bugs they find, update drivers and add new features. How can you be sure you have the latest version?

Before, your CaptureCast units had a version number, but it was impossible to decipher. A string of useless numbers on the bottom of your screen that meant nothing to you. That’s why we’ve decided to make it easier to track, and to know what version you are running on.

Instead of a string of nonsensical numbers, it’s in an easy-to-read, month-by-month version.

Starting this month, we are rolling out our simplified versions. Instead of a string of nonsensical numbers, it’s in an easy-to-read, month-by-month version. The new release of CaptureCast is 4.1.0 – 4 for the number of master builds we have released (this being the fourth version), 1 for the first month of the year (January) and 0 because there hasn’t been any other updates this month.

Each month, the number will tick up. February’s release – 4.2.0 – will release then, followed by 4.3 in March and so on. This way, you can be sure that your CaptureCast unit is operating on the newest software with the newest updates, bug fixes, and features available.

There are some exciting developments on the horizon for CaptureCast, including one that will help you keep these versions up to date. Stay tuned to the Cattura Blog for the newest updates, information on new features, and tips & tricks that will make your life that much easier!

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