At Cattura Video we take great pride in building open and flexible video solutions for educators that are adopting lecture capture and flipped learning into their classrooms. Our open philosophy has transcended into a simple, well-integrated alternative to costly & complex enterprise video solutions.


In Case Of Emergency...

Emergencies happen. Be prepared for the worst with CaptureCast Pro.

Situations happen all the time where internet speeds are slow, the network crashes, the power goes out, or someone trips over the power cord. Occasionally servers go down, uploads fail, or something gets lost in translation from the master copy to what ends up online. When you are relying on a software-only approach or a cloud-only solution, the possibility of these captures being lost forever is real. Very real.

With CaptureCast, the problem is solved without you having to think about it. Our hardware-based solutions provide a backup plan for your recorded content in the event something bad happens, whether it’s a fire drill that causes you to have 40 minutes of blank content, a power outage that cuts the connection to the server, or someone in the science lab using all the bandwidth. (We’re all looking at you, Dr. Helpert.)

With CaptureCast, the problem is solved without you having to think about it.

Every capture is stored in the CaptureCast’s onboard hard drive in full, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing content due to a failed upload like with cloud-only approaches. If an upload fails, simply click “retry”.

Our hardware also keeps master copies of every device used to record individually, in addition to the combined video you use for your media canvas. So, if you just need one of the cameras or what was on the document scanner, it’s there.

Never worry about your video uploads again, and don’t fret a power outage or an internet slowdown. CaptureCast not only promises the best quality multi-source captures available, but also the most secure. Your content is valuable – safeguard it like the irreplaceable treasure it is.

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