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The Best Lecture Capture Hardware Round 1:

Echo360 Pro vs. CaptureCast Pro

CaptureCast Pro is the best lecture capture hardware on the market today.

Echo360 has been in the lecture capture and flipped learning space for years. Some of their innovations paved the way for the way we approach video and education today. Their hardware has fallen a bit to the wayside, however.

As mentioned in a previous blog, one of Echo’s biggest drawbacks is its encoding method. Captured video must encode before uploading, leading to delays in content ranging from hours to days. CaptureCast, on the other hand, encodes videos while they record, so they are ready to upload and use as soon as the capture finishes.

CaptureCast encodes videos while they record, so they are ready to upload when the capture finished

The Echo360 Pro hardware is used exclusively with the Echo360 service, meaning that your boxes will only work with them. You stop service, it becomes useless. And, while they offer numerous educational tools like quizzing, analytics, and more, you are required to buy it if you want a service contract – either pay or risk losing content. integrates with many video and learning management systems, so even if you switch services, your hardware is still useful!

Check out the full comparison list below. If there are any features, or if you want to see how CaptureCast stacks up against another company, let us know! Click here or the “contact” button above and reach out.

CaptureCast Pro beats Echo360 Pro hardware on every front.
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